Sunday, November 9, 2014

Symposium Schedule

Remember, my expectations for the Symposium are: first, that each presenter has prepared, practiced, and timed a seven minute presentation capturing the topic, argument, and objects they are thinking about exploring their final papers; second, that each presenter goes into this process with an idea of the problems and possibilities and questions they are grappling with, so that the Q&A period is not just a matter of hoping the class will make random comments but instead a matter of using your colleagues to work through your writing process; third, that if you are using images, PowerPoint or other A/V aids you will either set that up before the Symposium begins or during the Q&A of the presenter before you -- we can't waste time screwing around with A/V stuff taking up half of every presentation, since that means we will get behind, and if we get behind that means not everybody will get to present. Failing to prepare your seven minutes, to direct your Q&A productively, and to have your A/V ready to go will impact my assessment of this course requirement... dun Dun DUN!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

1.10-1.30 Saniya
1.30-1.50 Sara
1.50-2.10 Shannon
2.10-2.30 Nic
2.30-2.50 Alejandro
2.50-3.10 Vince
3.10-3.30 Jevijoe
3.30-3.50 Li 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

1.10-1.30 Nathaniel
1.30-1.50 Christina
1.50-2.10 Nanxi
2.10-2.30 Yixiao
2.30-2.50 Buer
2.50-3.10 Sho
3.10-3.30 Ryan
3.30-3.50 Jackie

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